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Belly Dancer & Fire Girl Combo

Silvana is a fusion Belly Dancer who has a passion for Traditional Oriental and Tribal Belly Dance. She has been performing for the past ten years in theatrical productions, prestigious conventions, private events and TV shows. In 2011, she had the honor to perform in Ahla Wa Sahlan in Egypt, the biggest Belly Dance Convention in the world. Silvana has incorporated American Tribal Style in her repertoire and received the General Skills Certificate under Carolena Nericcio, among other three teacher’s training certifications obtained from international teachers. She has taken Flamenco and Bollywood classes and is currently studying other dance forms such as Argentine Tango. She is part of the Tango Times Tango Dance Company, which performs regularly in theatrical productions and private shows.

Video Sample Here.

Bashaum S. - (Jazz Quartet)

The Bashaum S. Quartet is a young group of jazz musicians who enjoy playing their hearts out together. The band's youthful energy has a way of exciting an audience as well as providing a tranquil atmosphere for a crowd to thoroughly enjoy their social life. These young men have made their presence well known on the Treasure Coast. They specialize in weddings, cooperate events playing exciting and invigorating jazz. It would be hard to imagine your event without the presence of the quartet.

The Quartet was formed all through mutual friends from high school and college. As they realized how well they played together, the rest was history. Since then they have been involved and sought after for many weddings and events. This Jazz Quartet continues to be highly sought after as this is the best way to add class to any event instantly.

Joanna - (Pianist/Singer)

Joanna - (Pianist/Singer)

When Joanna was a little girl, she always sang at her home in Sweden with her musical family and friends. The house was usually crowded with people who enjoyed performing. At the age of 6 she won her first talent show! When she was 7, her teacher at school told her in a nice way to stop singing during class. She had no idea she was doing it. Joanna soon started performing in youth choirs, churches, gave solo concerts, sang for weddings and baptisms. She also fell in love with composing her music. She has written blues, RnB, folk music and even a children’s musical. But mostly Christian, pop, jazz and rock tunes.

In 2009, Joanna moved from Sweden to Florida. Soon she was hired to perform at churches, restaurants, hotels and at different events. Joanna continues to write music and feels blessed to be able to work with the thing that give her the most joy in life music!

Todd - Live Painter

Todd, also known as Todd the Painter a native to Fort Lauderdale FL, is a visual artist primarily a painter and illustrator. His early training began under the apprenticeship of established South Florida artist, Peter Olsen. His collegiate career was fulfilled at Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Painting. Always having a strong connection and correlation with musicians, Todd has intertwined his commercial work with the music industry. He has displayed art and painted live at numerous musical venues, such as Revolution Live (FLLL), and The Grand Central Miami. For now, Todd finds support through musical lovers, family, friends and a small guild of artist based out of South Florida.  

Timothee Lovelock: DJ/Violinist

Timothee Lovelock: DJ/Violinist

CEO/Founder of Lovelock Music Group, Timothee was born in 1985 in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of eight, he moved to Florida, where his father began teaching him to play the violin. After ten years of intense classical training, he went on to graduate from the Dreyfoos School of the Arts in Palm Beach, Florida.

Lovelock, who has a love for many styles of music, decided to apply his classical violin skills to different genres. He became an event D.J., who plays the live violin while simultaneously spinning records. His unique performances have been described as “show-stopping” and “the best party entertainment ever.”

Timothee Lovelock has performed at the private events of Pitbull, Jeb Bush, Kevin Plank, George Benson, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Krewella, Dwade and toured alongside companies such as The Playboy Empire and Hornitos Tequila, Sprint, Verizon, Wolters Kluwer and Black Enterprise just to name a few. Timothee Lovelock has encountered countless other celebrities, politicians, and 500 Fortune companies. He continues to perform at weddings, corporate events, nightclubs, and numerous other venues. He is now nationally recognized for his one-of-a-kind violin and D.J. performances.