A native of Cuba, Ana trained in the best conservatories of Havana where she studied ballet and musical theater from the age of 6. Later, she was accepted to the prestigious Manuel Saumelle Conservatory where she started her musical career as a classical flutist. Her journey continued in Venezuela, where she studied under the tutelage of internationally renowned teachers William Bennet (UK) and Tadeo Cohelo (Brazil).

It is at this stage where her career takes a turn towards popular music, as she is recognized not only for her talent as a flutist but also for her abilities as a vocalist and becomes a sought after addition for renowned artists such as Alberto Plaza, Bacilos, Tito Puente Jr., Cool and the Gang, Argentinean pianist Raul Diblasio and most recently with Latin pop-star Chayanne, which took her on a 25 country worldwide tour. Ana has been back on the road since August 2012, this time with three major artists: Chayanne, Marc Anthony and Marco Antonio Solis.