DJ ChanelClaire was born in Munich, Germany and was raised in Sunny South Florida. Immediately she took an interest in the music that created the incredible energy that surrounded her. More than just a firing red head with tattoos, this up and coming DJ has taken the scene by storm in just a few short years. Holding residencies at several popular venues such as Hardrock Hotel and Casino, Seminole Casino, Blue Martini, and much more. She has also performed alongside some of the most talented musicians and DJs in the industry. From sharing a stage with Walshy Fire of Major Lazer to performing with live violinist, saxophone, and drummers. She has performed in a vast amount of different venues and cities in South Florida proving how versatile her style of DJing is. As an open format DJ, she specializes in every genre from 70’s & 80’s, 90’s throwbacks, hip-hop, top 40, house/ EDM, salsa, and the list goes on. Aside from her edgy and memorable look, ChanelClaire delivers a unique energy through her music by telling a story. Keeping the crowd mesmerized and eagerly awaiting her next move.